Cuter With My Mouth Closed
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
This is goodbye. I am picking up my bags and moving to a new online home with my friend Ben (details to follow). So enjoy my last post....

Well, as usually, I am facing a ton of homework today, and, instead of doing it, I have opted to write a post. Aren't I funny?

I have really jumped right back into the water after that oh to short break. A computer science project and a current event presentation due Friday. An chemistry exam next Monday. And a physics exam Tuesday. This is a lot! Trust me.

How am I supposed to enjoy the John Mayer concert tomorrow. That's right, tomorrow I finally get to see JM in concert. weeeeeee

But enough about my near future (or near death depending how these exams go), I know everyone is anxious for a spring break recap! Well, first off, I was right that the whole working over break wasn't a bright idea. Three days gone! I was working all day and dog tiered at night, so no fun with friends (sadness).

But when I was with my friends it was a blast! I missed them. Except for an incidence on the pool table and waking up in bed the next morning, it was fun. Actually, I wouldn't call being jumped on by a big, furry, naked Ryan an incidence, more like an eternal scare in my memory.... I am going to need a moment.

Ok... I think I am good now. So I will have to say that I didn't study as much or sleep as much as I needed. I definitly didn't get to party as much as I wanted. All in all though I had a good break. With a great ending!!

I got to hang out with a certain someone. We found out on Saturday we liked each other.

Why Saturday!!! The last day! Still...good to find out. hehe

So at the very least I am happy with that situation. Who cares if it is cold at Purdue and I have a ton of work, I have someone to look forward to seeing this summer besides my sweaty old friends. Not that you guys aren't cool, but Mallory is a lot cuter. And less fuzzy.... Ryan.

Well, this is the end folks. But my fun filled anecdotes and thoughts will continue once me and ben yet our acts together.


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