Cuter With My Mouth Closed
Friday, March 12, 2004
This is just not fair!! This has happened every time I have been home. I finally have time to be lazy and chill infront of the "tub", but NOOOO!

Smallville is a re-run this week. (sadness). True this is an episode where Lana is up for a little skinnie dipping (happiness), but I have already seen the episode. In other words, they don't show much skin.

Hey, I may be Christian, but I am a guy too. Kristin Kruek is hot! Half the guys that watch the show only started because of her. hehe

You may be thinking, "How sad. He is writing a post about a show on T.V.". Well, it probably is, and I am. But it is just a cool show. Have you seen it!

In truth, I didn't know what to write about, but I had to write something. I am off to Spring Break, and off the computer for a week. Now I know that it upsets you (sadness), but you will just have to pull through without me.

I am off to Kentucky tommorrow! I am going to be working with my buddy Ben over the break. Fun, but I think I forgot what the word "break" means. I am going to get the most out of my break though. I am going to hang with my friend and visit some old ones. "I am coming hubby!!" (inside thing, and hubby is a girl so stop what you were thinking).

You know I have a friend that is going to build houses for the homeless in Neon, Kentucky over the break. wo. I was impressed. Then again it is break and fun should be all that is on the brain.

Watch out fun here I come! (as fun runs away in fear of the scary kid in the Purdue hat)

Song: Download Maroon 5, "Sunday Mornings" Jacki

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Ok, so that fuzz from my belly-button is lint. Right??

(A different glimpse into my mind)

Scary, isn't it?

Monday, March 08, 2004
I am a little busy this week, running around preparing for Spring Break. OH Yea!!

But I am going to try and leave a quick post. I have been posting these long and heavy posts lately. They have been less personal then I wanted this site to be, and they are definitely preachy. I thought I would try and break that trend.

I have had writer's block this week. A state, I believe, pre-Spring Break is responsible for. Not that I am a writer, I think I am more a "doodler of words". But whatever I am, I am in a rut. That is I was.

My friends have inspired me. I was reading my comments (thanks guys!!!!), and I was thinking how nice of them to take the time to write me a comment.

How do you measure love?? I think I measure the love in my life by the time people spend or are willing to spend on me. Time is probably the most valuable thing a person has. You only have so much, and you can never get anymore.

Unless of course, you find some way to build a device to travel through time, a "time machine" if you will. But if you can figure out how to get that darn flux capacitor to work, be my guest! Otherwise, time is a pretty set deal.

When someone gives you there time it is a gift. Whether it is baking a batch of cookies, putting their homework aside to talk on AIM, or just watching a movie together. Giving time can mean a lot.

So thanks for all the time everyone!!!

Sunday, March 07, 2004
The War

What if I told you were fighting in a war and you didn’t even know it?

You have been fighting this war since you were born.
You have seen it everyday of your life.
Your soul bares the scars of its battles.

You are fighting a powerful enemy.
You have won many battles.
But you have lost many more.

You are alone in this war.
Yet you have no ally to turn to for help.
Without aide you are destined to loose.

This war is a war for your soul. Sin, Death, and the Devil versus Holiness, Eternal Life, and God. As you live your life on earth, this war goes on daily. At times you succeed in defeating your foe, sin, but more often you loose out and fall to temptation. Everything that drives you tells you to sin, and nothing of this world tells you different. You are doomed to loose the war unless you can find help.

This is an unusual war, one that is with in you. There is nowhere to find an ally in a war of this kind. Or at least there wasn’t, until one man came and changed everything.

The man was the first and only to live a holy life. He never lost a battle to his sinful-self, and he was even tempted by the best, the Devil himself. His battle with sin came to an end, as it does for us all, when he died. His death, like his life, was also special. Before he died, he took on the sins of the entire world, all those who had lived and would live, and put them upon himself. His death served as the greatest sacrifice, and, after it was accomplished, he came back from the dead having conquered Sin, Death, and the Devil.

He fought our war for use and won! We have nothing to fear from our enemy anymore. For his help, he asks for nothing in return. He simply did it out of love for us, so we could be with him in heaven. His name was Jesus.

We will still loose to sin, and fall short. But when we die those lost battles will not be weighed, only Jesus’ victory will matter. We will be forgiven our sinfulness on earth and allowed to continue our life in heaven with God and Jesus for eternity.

So what would you say if I told you were fighting in a war and you didn't even know? Would you believe me? I pray you do believe. Many do not know they are fighting this battle, or that they are in need of a Savior. He is a powerful ally, but you must call for his help before he can give it you. His sacrifice cannot save you unless you first accept it.

Will you accept this gift? Will you believe that you need it??

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